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In these days, people are taking interest in economic development of the nation. They are seeking the way to be successful. Moreover, the number of management students is mushrooming day by day. But, people are not getting appropriate job for their education or the idea to grow their business. Thus, Banking and Management Training Institute is established to work as the bridge between employer and employee as well as between government and the people who wants to be self-employed. For this, it has Banking training and Management training courses.

Banks are expanding their branches all over Nepal as per the directives of Nepal Rastra Bank. Government is also putting its effort for the expansion of banking access. This is leading to a high need of bank staffs. Therefore, a huge number of management students are going to get golden opportunities. But, banks are not going to appoint staffs who are unaware about training and knowledge. In addition, People are standing for self employment. They are searching for the way of entrepreneurship. They need financial literacy to get idea about entrepreneurship or any other business. What does the nation have for them who want to be self employed and how are the banks going to help them?  Here, Banking training is going to work as a bridge between a financial institution and the people, seeking for banking job, seeking for banking service and so on. Not only as the preparation for banking job, but the training is also helpful for the banking staffs to develop capacity and gain excellence.

People with enough money, vision and knowledge are being failure in business in these days due to lack of management skills. As management skill complements all other needs of business, Management Training is going to help those people to be self employed, entrepreneur or businessman. It will help them to build up their management skill in proper way. It will work as the bridge between youth empower and the government at the same time for encouraging entrepreneurship and developing the nation.  It will be helpful not only in the case of the people who have knowledge and money, but it will also help to that person who lacks money.

Hence, Banking and Management Institute is established to support people of the nation as well as the government for financial awareness. In addition, it also helps the bank to find professional staffs and students for getting suitable banking job. And, through management training, it will help the people to be a successful business person.

Our vision,mission and objectives

Vision of BMTI

BMTI aims to attain its vision by establishing itself as a leading professional training centre in the country by the means of job oriented training and research services in the different areas of the corporate and globalization world.

Mission of BMTI

  • BMTI shall provide access to job oriented banking training across the nation for fresher students or seeking employment in the financial sector.
  • BMTI also support the nation by making financial awareness programme among the people of remote areas through financial literacy programme.
  • BMTI shall establish standard guideline banking practice to form a key contribution for entry to advancement in the career in banking and finance in Nepal.
  • Deliever job orineted training program to cater the needs of financial industry industry in the areas of banking and finance.
  • Create bridge between students and financial institutions.

Objectives of BMTI

  • To provide access to job oriented banking training across the nation for people employed fresher or seeking employment in the financial and banking sector.
  • It also specializes in these areas. The areas are as follows:
  • Training
  • Academic programs
  • Knowledge consulting

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